Age, unfortunately, catches up with us all at some point, which means everyday tasks that we used to take for granted suddenly become slightly more difficult.

Providing a loved one with additional care can take up time that you simply don’t have when trying to hold down a full-time job. In such circumstances, there’s only really two options: a nursing home or home care.

Bob and Jennifer Morgan, the owners of the in-home care provider, Always Best Care, are better placed than most to talk about the advantages of choosing the latter. While they know that home care isn’t always the best option for a senior, in most circumstances, it can help them to a live a more independent lifestyle for longer.

They’ve been kind enough to come up three reasons why you should consider it as an option for your loved one, below:

1) Home Care is More Affordable

Unlike nursing homes, home care in Brandon FL can be personalized to suit a senior’s needs. Your loved one may just need some help getting washed and dressed in the morning, in which case, a caregiver may only have to charge for an hour or two of their time.

It also allows for flexibility, with caregivers used to working around schedules to suit a family’s wishes.

As your loved one’s needs increase, you can then decide whether it’s more logical to increase a caregiver’s hours or to move them into a nursing home.

2) It’s About More Than Medical Care

Many of us underestimate just how big of an impact a caregiver can have on both the person being looked after and their family.

Along with helping with medical care, caregivers also prepare meals, drive seniors to doctors’ appointments, and most crucially of all, provide companionship.

While we would all love to be able to do these things for a loved one by ourselves, it’s fantastic having a caregiver that can act as a guardian angel on our behalf.

3) It Lets Them Stay in Their Home

If there’s one thing that seniors fear most in older age, it’s a loss of independence. Thankfully, with home care, seniors don’t have to face the daunting prospect of moving homes in their older years and can instead stay somewhere that they feel safe.

A caregiver in home care can help a senior keep their independence later on into their life by providing them with transportation to things close by to their home.