Living with a condition such as Alzheimer’s is never easy for a senior in home care in Memphis TN, or those that look after them.

Careful thought and consideration has to be taken to ensure that they feel as comfortable in their own surroundings as possible, as any alterations can lead to confusion that is near impossible to explain.

Rico Andrews, owner of the in-home care provider, Always Best Care, is responsible for the welfare of a number of Alzheimer patients in and around Memphis. They’re all too aware of just how important the little touches are to ensuring someone living with the condition is happy.

Thankfully, they’ve been willing to share three of their quickest tips for improving the life of someone with Alzheimer’s, below:

1) Keep to a Schedule

A routine is something that someone with Alzheimer’s relies on to make sense of the world around them, so any sudden changes can leave them feeling distressed.

Try to make sure they’re up and dressed at a similar time each day so that their meal pattern is never disrupted.

Keep a diary in their home that lists all of their upcoming activities, such as a trip to the doctors, and leave notes,such as post it notes, around the home reminding them to check it every day.

Notes can also come in handy in directing a senior to their bathroom or to their kitchen to get food when they’re hungry.

2) Be Alert to Crowds

Large crowds or sudden sounds can cause great distress to an Alzheimer’s patient. It’s one of the reasons why many experts in the field advise keeping them away from certain public places.

Occasions such as family gathering have to be well managed, as Alzheimer’s patients generally prefer to interact in smaller groups.

If you’re taking part in any activities in their own home, such as making crafts, be sure to turn the television off so that they don’t become confused by who is actually talking.

3) Find Them a Hobby

Finding a hobby that is both enjoyable and safe for an Alzheimer’s patient is never easy, but with a little careful thought, you might stumble across something that gives them pleasure in their advancing years.

Try to think about things from their past that they might have enjoyed doing, or being a part of, and how you can incorporate that into their daily routine now.

If, for example, the person was once a fine baker, you may find that they take great joy from doing a simple and safe task such as sieving the flour.