It’s just a fact of life that as age, we steadily become more unsteady on our feet. Arthritis, injury, and joint pain all begin to take their toll, turning everyday tasks such as a walk to the toilet, into a struggle.

Thankfully, there are a number of devices that have been specially manufactured to help seniors in home care in Louisville KY move around their home – and outdoors – more easily.

To help celebrate this, we’ve asked Dan Chitwood, the owner of the in-home care provider, Always Best Care, to come up with a list of five practical ways a caregiver or family member can improve a senior’s mobility, below:

Electric Wheelchair

One of the safest and easiest ways for a senior to travel over short distances in their older years is an electric wheelchair. Depending on the model, batteries can usually last for between 10-20 miles, making it the perfect accessory for a quick trip to the shops.

Although they can be quite expensive, Medicare can usually subsidize the cost by as much as 80% if the electric wheelchair is a necessity.

Portable Handle Support

A portable handle support is largely designed to fit into the interiors of cars, making it easier, and safer, for seniors to support themselves as they enter or leave a vehicle. They’re lightweight, affordable, and can fit into a senior’s bag or glove box compartment if needed.


A rollator is a walking aid that comes with four wheels and an inbuilt seat, making them ideal to take out on a walk.

These relatively affordable devices are perfect for seniors that have issues with their balance, as the two hand grips provide essential support.

There is also a basket space for any shopping or oxygen tank, making a rollator a must-have accessory for any senior that lacks confidence on their feet.

Uplift Seat

Getting up from a seated position can be one of the most challenging aspects of living an independent lifestyle in older age.

Thankfully, an uplift seat can really help. Its memory foam-cushioned seat is not only comfortable but also reduces the chances of developing sores. Once a senior wants to raise themselves from their sitting position, they simply need to press on the remote and they will be lifted up to a near standing position.