There’s really nothing like a good night’s sleep. But if you’ve been struggling to get some sleep lately, here are seven ways to deal with it:

Update the bedroom: Get better pillows and a more comfortable mattress. Updating the bedroom is the most effective way to get better sleep. You’ll be surprised how much difference a sturdy memory foam mattress can make.

Take a breath: Kelly Britton provides senior care in Woodlands TX and is a firm believer in the power of meditation for seniors. All it takes is sixty seconds. A home caregiver can assist you or your loved one in learning the right technique. Once you’ve mastered it, a couple minutes every day should help you relax your nerves and focus intensely. It’s also proven to help you sleep better.

Lights out: Keep away from lights if you’re trying to fall asleep. Artificial lights have an impact on your brain that might be keeping you awake for longer. Switch them all off before bed and try staying away from smart devices as well. The bright LED screens on smartphones and tablets have a way of resetting your internal clock.

Routine: This is difficult, but probably the most effective way to get better sleep. A fixed schedule is something your body can adapt to easily. If you make it a habit of sleeping at a particular time, it will be much easier getting to bed.

Afternoon nap: Taking an afternoon nap or sleeping in a dual cycle is a great way to get the recommended amount of shut eye. If you find it difficult to sleep at night or wake up too early, you can catch up in the afternoon. This will generally help you reduce stress.

Scents: A few scented candles can help you sleep faster as well. This works especially well if you pick something from your past or a particular scent that appeals to you most. Lavender, Chamomile and Jasmine are the most popular for people trying to go to bed. But if you pick a room freshener or spray that reminds you of a particular place that could be a great way to trigger memories and fall asleep faster.

There may be a lot of other ways to fall asleep faster, but these are six of the easiest and fastest methods to help you establish a healthy sleeping pattern.