There’s no denying that the price of living in California is extremely high. But that doesn’t mean the sunshine state isn’t a good place to retire. Here are some of the most affordable parts of California if you or a loved one is looking for the perfect place to retire.


Located on the Northern Californian coast, Eureka is the sort of place you can go if you prefer a small town with no traffic, crowds or pollution. It has the same mild climate you can expect in much of California, but for a more affordable price. A house here is likely to cost $200,000.

Rio Vista

Rio Vista is home to fewer than 8,000 people, perfect for some rest and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of big-city life. The best thing about this town is the easy access it offers to both Sacramento and San Francisco. Rio Vista is a unique place to retire, mostly because of the lively community. There’s an annual Bass Derby and Festival here that brings together artists from all over the state.

Palm Springs

If there’s an oasis in the desert for retirees, it’s here in Palm Springs. Most people wouldn’t expect a sunny part of the world like this to be affordable, but it is. It also has a lot of golf courses. Palm Springs is known for its culture, so be sure to check out The Living Desert or Heather James Fine Art. There’s an international airport downtown, as well, which means family can come visit often.


Temecula Valley is known as California’s wine country. Rebecca Prouty, owner of Always Best Care, a provider of elderly care in Temecula, CA, recommends checking out the wineries in the area. Often viewed as a bedroom community, the city is large enough to offer many amenities. Home to more than 300,000 people, this mid-size city is affordable and has much to offer. The median house price is approximately $260,000.

Nothing compares to California in terms of standard of living, but it’s hard to find an affordable home in many parts of the state. The places in this list offer access to the best of California at an affordable price.