Last year, we got my widowed mother a dog for companionship. She was lonely, but we live two states away and only get to visit three times a year. We did the research and know that seniors with pets have less stress and loneliness than those who don’t. So, we went to the local pet rescue shelter with her on one of our visits, and she and Wags picked each other out. It was love at first sight, and they’ve proven to be really good for each other.

Now, I’m a little concerned about her ability to keep up with his care. Wags is younger and likes his daily walks, while Mom is slowing down and hesitates to take her new friend around the neighborhood for fear of falling. I need to find someone to help her take care of her pet (and herself, if necessary).

Ensuring Seniors and Pets Are Getting What They Need

Families do sometimes have to step in and ensure that a pet is getting the care it needs. When you don’t live close enough to do this yourself, let someone from a home care Potomac MDagency help. Always Best Care owner Robin Henoch suggests you arrange a consultation with a senior care agency to make sure they can find the perfect solution to keep your loved one safe and happy.

Scheduling Pet Care and Keeping the House Safe for Everyone

Your loved one’s caregiver can be proactive and help with pet care by doing several things. These include:

  • Planning a dog care routine: A caregiver can decide this with your senior relative, making it convenient for him or her to feed and water a pet at consistent times of the day, with the companion as a backup.
  • Making sure the house is safe: Having a dog often means toys, leashes, pet beds and other items all around the house. A caregiver will make sure they are kept in a way that doesn’t impede your loved one’s mobility or present a fall risk. The companion can also go with your senior and his or her pet on their walks.
  • Providing scheduling and rides for vet visits: After trips to the vet, the caregiver will also see to it that the pet receives the follow-up care needed.

Trained and compassionate care giving will provide the pet care your parent and his or her pet needs to help her keep the pet companion healthy and happy. When your relative’s needs change and home care is no longer an option, many caregiver services offer Potomac MD assisted living placement services to their clients.