Exercise is, of course, essential for healthy living. Most experts will recommend a daily minimum for physical activity that can help keep your body in top shape. But people with arthritis look at exercise with trepidation. It’s hard to get excited about exercising when you know any sort of movement is likely to lead to a lot of pain.

Arthritis compels the victim to avoid all movements and keep joints motionless for as long as possible. People with arthritis start by gradually cutting any physical activity that involves the affected joints. Over time, the activity is cut out from daily life completely. Running, lifting or even walking could be completely abandoned. This leads to muscles wearing away, joints stiffening and tendons weakening. Lack of activity means the body starts to become weak over time, and a weaker body is more susceptible to pain from arthritis. This vicious circle tends to continue if seniors are not encouraged to exercise in an unconventional way. Always Best Care, providers of elderly care in Potomac MD, ensure that seniors in its care with arthritis receive a balanced level of exercise to help manage their condition.

But there is a solution for this issue – an aquatics program published by The Arthritis Foundation. The foundation has published details about water exercises specifically designed for people with arthritis. The exercises are straightforward and much easier to do in a weightless underwater environment.

These water exercises are usually done in warm water. The benefits of warm water are well documented. People with joint pain will be quick to mention the way warm water relieves their discomfort.

The program lists all the exercises seniors can do to help keep their muscles in shape. Finding a hot water tub is also relatively easy, considering all local spas and gyms will have a hot tub. Local pools sometimes conduct classes based on the aquatics program put forth by the foundation. You could also consider getting a hot tub for your backyard if you provide your loved ones care at home.

Gentle exercises are a must if you want to maintain bone density and muscle mass. It’s not easy to do, but with regular practice, exercising under warm water could become one of the healthiest habits your loved ones will ever adopt. An elegant solution for a difficult problem.