When combined with the mixture of minerals and herbals that are often recommended by doctors, it can feel like a new pill is appearing in your medication tray each week. Over time, the whole process can start to become rather overwhelming, as confusion sets in as to what tablet actually does what.

While we’re well aware that these pills are there to do us good, the lack of knowledge surrounding the actual costs, benefits, and the importance of each one can lead us to eventual frustration.

Keith Carter, the owner of the in-home care provider, Always Best Care, has seen this occur all too often with seniors receiving home care in Shreveport LA. While he and his team make sure to never comment on the specifics of each medicine, they do try to help seniors by providing them with practical tips on how best to understand what they’re taking. He’s shared four of those tips with us, below.

Read the Label

It’s unwise to ever take medicine without knowing what it is or how it can directly benefit you. Often the prescription label contains lots of beneficial information, including its name and how many times of day it should be taken. If you can’t remember specifically what the medicine was for from the name alone, try using your laptop, phone or tablet to Google the name. The results will quickly reveal what ailments the medicine is regularly used to treat.

Stick to One Pharmacy

By only using one pharmacy, you can avoid any potential mix-ups of prescriptions and begin to build a personalized care relationship with those that work there. Often, the better they know you, the more they can help you in prescribing you additional medicine safely in the future.

Ask for Help

It’s always worth remembering that your doctor or pharmacist is just a phone call away. If you’re worried about costs or any side effects any drug might be having, then you should always get in contact right away. They can then move to either reassure you or suggest alternative dosages/medicines.

Set a Routine

You should always try to link the time that you take your tablets to a certain mealtime in the day. Eventually, taking the tablets before or after your meal will become second nature to you, ensuring that you don’t miss any of your prescribed dosages.