Have you noticed that your elderly loved one needs some extra assistance with daily tasks or seems lonely? It may be time to research in-home care providers to give them the companionship and help they deserve. Seniors who are able to age in place still have high levels of independence that should be recognized and respected by families and caregivers. While it may not be time to look for the best assisted living Asheville NC facility yet,it could be time to find someone who can help your aging loved one in his or her own home.

When selecting a senior care Asheville NC service provider, keep the following points in mind:

Put Safety First

Before going any further to select a care provider for your elderly loved one, check for safety and security basics. Ask the following questions:

  • Is the agency licensed by the state?
  • Do they perform background checks on their employees?
  • Do they check references and past employers?
  • Have there been any formal complaints filed with the state against the caregiver or the company they work for?

Always Best Care owner Jim Smeaton believes in matching seniors in the Asheville community with caregivers who will not only provide for their needs, but can also relate to them and even share some hobbies or interests. Despite what some may believe, when it comes to elderly care Asheville NC seniors need more than a cookie-cutter approach. They need a trustworthy, reputable company and caregiver that will see them as an individual with unique needs and be willing to provide for those needs.

Ask to check references yourself, whether they are for the in home care Asheville NC agency you’re considering, or the specific care providers. You want to be assured of the safety of your relative before entrusting them to the care and companionship of someone else.

Interest, Experiences, and Background

It can be helpful to speak with the senior care agency to find out if they have any available caregivers that might share some of the same interests or hobbies as your elderly family member. In addition, if your relative has specific care needs, such as diabetes or dementia, it can be reassuring for both you and your family member to find a caregiver who has experience in these areas. The right agency will work to match your loved ones’ needs with the ideal caregiver to meet them.