1431099534313-768x432Retiring doesn’t mean that you’re ready to sit around and watch TV. Some seniors decide to supplement their monthly income with a part-time job. This is a great way to save up for special events like Christmas or birthdays, and an ideal way to stay social and engaged with the world.

Rebecca Smith, owner of Always Best Care of Vacaville, CA, and an experienced caregiver, shares some tips on choosing the right part time job after retirement.


Many seniors have already retired and don’t want to drive miles to get to work anymore, and this is why location is important when choosing a new job. Try to stick with something that’s close to home, preferably within walking distance. If this is not an option, then the job should be easily accessible by public transportation.


Seniors need flexibility with their jobs, in case of medical emergencies, or if they’re just not feeling up to par. Look for employment that offers time off (paid time off would be best), or one that will allow you to rotate workdays every now and then. This is helpful for unexpected doctor’s appointments, or days when you need to take it easy.

Level of Responsibility

Choose a job that won’t stress you out. Many seniors receiving senior care in Vacaville CA find that they enjoy positions where they get to interact with the public or work by themselves. This would include greeters and security jobs. Management and other jobs with increased responsibilities can be too mentally taxing for seniors who are just looking for some part-time income, and not a new career.


If you’re receiving federal or state benefits, there may be a cap on how much income you can earn from a part-time job. Check your benefit paperwork to see what that amount is, and select a job that doesn’t exceed the threshold. You don’t want to end up losing income when you start working.

Physical Requirements

When you’re of advanced age, you may have trouble with jobs that require a lot of physical exertion. Avoid these positions, especially if you have a physical handicap that would interfere with your ability to do the job. Also, make sure the business is senior and handicap friendly by inquiring about wheelchair bathrooms and other amenities that you may need.