Many seniors find it hard to get outside and take in enough fresh air and sunlight, especially during the winter time. And that can have some pretty negative effects on your physical and mental health over time. That’s why a great idea to get outside and spend some time with nature is to pick up gardening! Now, if you’ve never thought about starting a garden, it’s a fantastic way to learn something new and spend some quality time working on a project. If it’s a possibility for you, you should definitely think about it. Plus, the benefits of gardening for seniors are backed up by experts like Bob and Lois Nelson, owners of Always Best Care, a provider of in-home care in Southbury CT. Read on to learn some of the basics to get your garden started.

 Pick the right seeds for your soil.

First up, you’ve got to make sure that you pick the right seeds for your soil and the area you’re planting in. These types of questions can best be answered when you head to the gardening store in Southbury. Also make sure to stick with one or two varieties of plants or vegetables at first before you branch out more.

Make sure the chemicals are all good.

You should definitely have someone come out to check the soil in your backyard to ensure the chemicals are all good for a garden. You can either hire someone to do this for you or buy a soil testing kit at your local gardening center.

Recruit some friends and family members.

Of course, this type of project wouldn’t be fun just by yourself! You should think about recruiting some friends and family members to join in on the fun. Plus, you’ll be able to have a fun picnic with everyone when the fresh vegetables finish growing.

Make sure to budget.

As with any big project, you should ensure that this kind of thing is within your budget before you get started. Plan out how much this is going to cost you and make sure that you have enough funds to see it through to the end.