Drinking water is probably the most important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Without water, our bodies simply cannot function. A lot of us may think that drinking juice or soda is a fine supplement to drinking water, but most of the other drinks out there have tons of sugar in them. That’s no good for a healthy lifestyle. Water improves everything from better skin to a healthy weight to proper digestion. For seniors, the importance of water cannot be understated. Drinking at least eight cups of water per day should be mandatory in your daily routine. And experts like Edward Weiner, owner of Always Best Care, a provider of in-home care in Bergen NJ, agree with this statement. Read on down below to explore the best and easiest ways to drink more water every day.

  • First off, let’s address the taste of water. You either are OK with the taste of water or you can’t stand it. One of the easiest ways to get around this is fill your refillable water bottle with some type of fruit the night before and let it cool in the fridge over-night. That way, you’ll have a bottle full of water that tastes like delicious fruit. One of the favorites out there is cucumber water because of the great nutrients your water absorbs from the cucumber.
  • If you have an iPad or a smartphone, you can download any number of apps to remind you when it’s time to drink your water and to track how much water you’ve drank throughout the day. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can set timers on your watch for when you should drink another glass of water. Remember, eight is the magic number of cups you should be drinking!
  • Another way of getting enough water is simply bringing your refillable bottle around you wherever you go. It’s not only good for the environment to not be using so many plastic bottles, but you’ll be more inclined to drink your water when it’s right next to you on the table or in the passenger seat of the car. You can find any number of great water bottles at the store across the street or online through Amazon.