You may have thought about trying yoga before, though you may have thought that it’s simply not for seniors, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. So many seniors out there practice yoga on a regular basis because of its miraculous benefits. From increased relaxation to more flexibility in your joints, the benefits of practicing yoga are innumerable. That’s why experts like Chuck Lockwood, owner of Always Best Care, a provider of senior care in Charlotte NC, recommend yoga to any of their mobile seniors. Read on to explore why and maybe even find a yoga studio that’s right for you!

Increased flexibility

With yoga, you’re going to be able to flex those old bones and muscles that you may not have exercised in a while. Through all of those poses and moves, you’re going to be flexing your whole body. After practicing yoga continuously, many seniors have reported that they are more flexible than they were even in their younger years. And who doesn’t want that? Check out Still Butterfly Yoga Studio and see if that can be your new yoga studio.

Helps with your aching pains

Pretty much all seniors have some kind of aching pain in their joints and muscles. And that can get pretty annoying overtime when you’re constantly in pain. However, when you pick up yoga, you will soon find out that by working out your joints and stretching, you’ll be able to improve the feeling of those aches and pains. See if you can find a good yoga class at the Charlotte Yoga Club next time you’re in town.

Helps with any depression or anxiety

If any seniors out there are dealing with depression or anxiety, plenty of studies have shown the benefits of practicing yoga when it comes to healing depression or anxiety. This is because yoga allows you to center yourself and relax when you’re feeling stressed.

You can meet new people

Every senior out there knows how difficult it can be to get out of the house and meet new people. But it’s super important for your mental health and well-being to keep those social interactions going. See if you can find some new friends at the yoga classes offered at Yoga One in Charlotte.