Painting is one of those things that you’ve probably thought about picking up, but never thought you had the time or just didn’t make the effort to start. However, there are tons of benefits out there for seniors who paint. For example, seniors who paint are exercising the creative sides of their brain and it has been shown to actually improve memory and cognitive processes because of that. Nita Bhatnagar, owner of Always Best Care, a provider of senior care in Troy MI, really understands the importance of seniors picking up that paint brush or having any other hobby. Read below to see her top reasons why.

You can get out of the house and meet other people.

As a senior, you know how difficult it can be to get out of the house and meet other people in your community. However, this is so important for your mental health. Keeping up those social connections and meeting other people keeps your brain healthy and ensures that you’ll live a long and healthy life. Taking painting classes can help you do that! You can check and see if Painting With a Twist has any painting classes you can take advantage of.

It can help with memory loss.

Many seniors out there deal with memory loss on a daily basis. Whether it be a mild case or something more severe, it’s definitely something that you want to deal with before it gets worse. And tons of studies have shown that painting or any other creative hobby can help improve your memory and aid in reversing memory loss.

You get the blood flowing to your fingers.

Many seniors deal with aches and pains all over their body, especially in their fingers. If you’re dealing with a problem like this, painting can actually increase the blood flow to your fingers and help to improve these pains by keeping your joints flexible. Creative Arts Studio is a great place to head to find some painting classes.

You can create gifts for the rest of your family.

A lot of people struggle to think of what they’re going to buy their families for the big holidays in our lives. However, you can solve that problem by picking up your paint brush and painting some masterpiece for them – they’re sure to love it!