Are you feeling a bit more stressed than usual? This is normal if you’re facing a big deadline for something or just have a lot going on in your personal or professional life. But that stress does have some pretty big effects on our mental and physical health. Whenever you’re stressed, you’re more at risk to get sick with various diseases than if you were relaxed. And for seniors, that’s a pretty serious deal. So it’s best if you find ways to cope with your stress and relax more often. And there are plenty of ways to do that! From yoga to reading a good book, Howard Goldstein, an expert in senior care and owner of Always Best Care, a provider of elderly care in Sudbury MA, understands the importance of seniors figuring out how to control their stress levels. Below, you’re going to find some of his top tips on how to do just that. Read on to discover them!

  • First up, you can try on practicing yoga for size. Now, don’t shoot this idea down right away. Yoga is pretty much the best way to relax when you’re feeling stressed. The practice of yoga has been shown to have incredible benefits to the mental health improvement for seniors of all ages. Yoga allows you to really center yourself and figure out what’s stressing you out and release all of that bad energy. Plus, you’ll be able to get a bit more flexibility in those old joints. Inner Strength or Your Element Yoga are great studios to go and check out to see what kinds of classes you can get enrolled in when you’re feeling extra stressed.
  • Another way to destress is to get away from all distractions and lose yourself in a good book. Reading has the great power to take away all of your stress and transport yourself to a new world. No matter if it’s fiction or non-fiction, there’s nothing quite like cuddling up by the window to get a good read in. Head over to the public library in Sudbury to rent out some new ones.
  • Lastly, writing is a good way to get those thoughts out of your head and onto paper. You can journal every night before bed to destress and write your feelings on paper.