Water exercise in the pool is one of the best workouts to consider for those in elderly care in Brandon, FL, because it can help relieve arthritis and joint pains. This form of exercise is less strenuous since physical movements are much slower in water. Seniors who want to try this type of exercise have nothing to worry about. This workout encourages low impact motion and pool exercises like these to improve strength, flexibility, and balance.
Here are top 5 moves you can try at the pool today.


Jogging in place increases the heart rate and promotes blood circulation. This is a total body cardio move that seniors receiving in-home care can easily execute. Jogging back and forth and side to side can be alternated and repeated with paced speed to maintain the mobility of joints.

Flutter Kick

This exercise uses a kickboard. Alternately flutter the legs while holding the kickboard in front of the chest. This move can be done with or without a board. Fluttering the legs in a rhythmic motion strengthens the leg and back muscles.

Leg Lifting

This exercise helps in strengthening the core and gives balance to both legs. While standing, lift the leg on the side then back down. Do it alternately from one leg to another until the legs feels tired, which shows the effectiveness of the exercise.


This exercise strengthens the chest, arms and shoulders. In a standing position, with the hands holding on the side of the pool, bend the arms and slightly lean the body towards the side of the pool, then push back. Repeat and increase the intensity of the movement based on the senior’s fitness level.

Arm Curls Exercise

In a standing position, hold the water weights in front, with arms chest level and palms faced out. Lift weights up and down in a curling motion. Repeat slowly and with control. This is good for strengthening the upper body and increasing muscle mass.
Seniors receiving home care are encouraged to exercise regularly at least 3x a week. Varying their workouts in the pool can keep them motivated and free from arthritis at the same time.