Have you ever wanted the perfect way to get your creative side going and get your thoughts flowing? Chances are that you’ve tried writing as a creative avenue at some point in your life or other. Whether it was in school or writing in your diary as a kid, we’ve all had some work with writing at least once in our lives. However, many of us don’t pursue writing because a lot of other things get in the way. Therefore, we never have enough time to just sit down and write. However, writing is one of the best ways to express your creativity and there are actually tons of benefits associated with writing, especially for seniors! From increased memory to more blood flow to those aching joints in your fingers, writing is one of the best hobbies you can pick up as a senior. This is backed up by experts like Greg and Robin La Versa, owners of Always Best Care, a provider of senior care in Basking Ridge NJ. Below are some the top reasons why writing is one of the best ways to flex those creative muscles.

  • Writing gives you the opportunity to take all of those thoughts that are swimming around your head and put them down on paper. A lot of the times we get so stressed because our brain just can’t process all of the thoughts in our heads. Writing is the best way to get those all down and out of your mind. If you’ve never tried “steam of conscious writing”, that’s something you may want to try if you’re feeling stressed. It’s the process of just writing down whatever comes to your mind for five or ten minutes, without lifting your pencil or pen.
  • You can also create your own world with writing. The ultimate creativity is creating an entirely separate world from the world you’re living in. With writing, you can make princesses and princes alive in a medieval world. Or you can write a world full of futuristic beings that are tasked with saving the universe from destruction. Whatever it is, the worlds you create when you write will help you express yourself in ways you never thought imaginable.